Start Your Wine Cellar

A top-notch wine cellar for everyone. Our goal without question.

Get a reflection of your taste and personality and create your wine cellar, step by step.

Wine lover or wine dealer?

Are you the wine lover who gets flabbergasted by the huge array of bottles, looking for direction on how to start?
Or are you the wine dealer who wants to help but lacks the insight on the taste and personality of your customer.

Your own top-notch wine cellar. Young and a little bit older dream of it, don’t they? Start your wine cellar focusses on both age categories.

A wine cellar as an exploration

  • Which wine fits my lifestyle?
  • Do I invest in French, Italian or Spanish… or should I look overseas?
  • How do I alternate between white and red?
  • How can I tell if a wine will age well?

Vino Positivo has got you covered!

The journey starts with you. What does taste mean for you? What is your natural preference?

Discover the power of taste, characteristics of wine and different regions. Learn to translate this to your personalised wine cellar.

Starting your wine cellar is an iterative and especially creative process. I will make sure that, from start to finish, this is an enjoyable trip.

Your taste reflected in your wine cellar

Vino Positivo developed a clear program of interactive guidance to creating your own wine cellar.
You play the main role; through different methods we will make a reflection of your taste & personality.

Start from scratch or upgrade your existing collection. For everyone’s budget, space, preference and experience there is a fitting solution.
You can create a balanced wine cellar, attainable for everyone, starting with 30 bottles. Feasible for everyone.

The enthusiasm with which Guy guides you is incredibly catchy. Because of his extensive knowledge and experience, you are in good hands with him to take your first steps in the wine world. I welcome my (modest) wine cellar!


A wine cellar for everyone’s budget? Yes, we can!

What is “Start Your Wine Cellar”?

“Start Your Wine Cellar” is the starting point of an exciting journey.

  • • You get a wine ambassador as a personal guide, he will guide you through your personal palate. He will teach you to differentiate between varying wine styles and together we will match this to your preferences and personality.
  • For all tastes and wine styles, you can learn to find quality wines for each budget.
    I will help you on your path and make you feel comfortable in your own wine story.
    From then on you will feel confident enough to start a good conversation about wine on your own. Wonderful!
  • You can follow “Start your wine cellar” as an individual course or as a group workshop (max. 10 people).
  • Our trip exists of 4 interactive sessions of 2,5 hours with plenty of variety for eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Get acquainted with the wine world. Are you ready for your top-notch wine cellar?

Would you rather have digital sessions? That’s possible! Contact me for a custom solution.

Discover your taste, select the appropriate wines and enjoy!

Collabs with wine dealers

Do you want to do more to help your customers? How do you make a quick connection with your client on the basis of taste pattern, personality and prior knowledge? Do you want to give them a nudge in the right direction to get acquainted with wine? Vino Positivo will help you with this!

Organize “Start Your Wine Cellar” in your wine dealership

We will take care of the interactive workshops: teaching materials, guidance, …
We can organize the 4 sessions in your wine dealership or even online for your (new) customers.

Apply the “Start Your Wine Cellar”-concept in your store.

By applying my concept to your supply and decor, customers will easily find their way. Sales will rise and so will customer satisfaction ensuring more word-of-mouth advertising. Win-Win-Win!

Contact me and we will discuss the custom fit options for your clientele and shop.

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Start Your Wine Cellar
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