Nice to meet you,
I’m Guy Monfort

Nice to meet you,
I’m Guy Monfort

Guy Monfort, from Sommelier to Wine Ambassador

Guiding Your Wine Journey

Wine gets people to interact in a positive and friendly way.

This is the magic that drives me to keep learning and discovering and motivates me to make the world of wine accessible to everyone. Getting wine enthusiasts to engage and participate is why I do what I do.

I brought this passion together in: Vino Positivo – Guiding Your Wine Journey.

I would love to be your guide in this wine adventure. Are you game?

My Wine Wish

As a wine ambassador it is my deepest wish to help guide as many young people as possible in their wine journey. Teaching people to match their taste and personality to wine, and in this way encouraging them to start their own wine cellar, for every occasion, for every budget is my mission.

Through Wine Entertainment I hope to reach bigger groups of people to learn more about wine in a relaxed setting. Entertainment and fun are key!

For people who really want to learn more about wine I love to givetraining and coaching.

In this way I do service to myself, the entire wine world, the current and future wine lovers.

Not just a Sommelier

I am not just a Sommelier. With my current experience as manager, leader and coach I am so much more. I am someone who

  • Is interested in the full process from A – Z
  • Joins people together around the theme of wine
  • Loves to talk enthusiastically about wine, regions, grapes, …
  • Invites people to think about what tastes they enjoy, what they like to do, …
  • Invites people to discover new things (tastes, regions, grape varieties,…)

I love to guide people, enthuse them, so that they can confidently enjoy an experiment on their own. That is my mission as a wine ambassador.

“Be a creative Sommelier, discovering the undiscovered. Are you game?”

Mirror your Taste & Personality

My Wine Experience

My passion for wine began many years ago and quickly grew into a (time consuming) hobby. I became a member of several wine clubs, visited many wine regions and got to know many local wine makers.

But I wanted more. As a leader and coach in the corporate world, I have been guiding my employees to the next level for many years. I wanted to do the same with wine!

My degree as Sommelier – Wine Trader has opened up new possibilities. With Vino Positivo I am taking the next step to sharing my wine knowledge and experience.

Because after all, wine is to be enjoyed by everyone.

Guy Monfort, Guiding Your Wine Journey!

And of course enough wine experience

Wine team Les Futailles. Active since 1999. Together with my wine brothers I enjoy exciting wine adventures. Founding member and humble president for 17 years. We lift our expertise and each other to a new level every year. Luckily, the end is not in sight.

Family, friends and acquaintances: they are my daily support and always come to me for wine advice.

Colleagues (a few thousand): If we aren’t talking about work, they are quick to ask my input on wine? They promote and market my passion and in doing so grow my network.

Commanderie de Bordeaux Flanders: member since the start (2014), and a source and network for likeminded souls..