Guiding your wine journey

Start Your Wine Cellar

Vino Positivo developed a straightforward method, with interactive guidance to start your own wine cellar.
You are the key player, through different techniques we make a reflection of your personality and taste. Are you starting from scratch or do you want an upgrade? We cater to and find solutions for everyone’s budget, space, preference and experience.

Wine Entertainment

Are you looking for an original recipe to boost your event? A teambuilding, tasting competition or a wine quiz …
A wide ray of possibilities, fun options and I can even custom fit to your needs.

Wine Training

A course at Vino Positivo offers a unique view in the wine world. Appropriate material to help you, your friends or your (starting) wine club a head start in the right direction to confidently develop your own wine personality. Check out the possibilities

Freelance Sommelier

Make use of my twenty years’ experience. The wine ambassador can be seen as a trustworthy advisor or as a helpful hand. Let’s talk.

Discover the undiscovered.

Guy Monfort, wine ambassador

Wine gets people to interact in a positive and friendly way.

This is the magic that drives me to keep learning and discovering and motivates me to make the world of wine accessible to everyone. Getting wine enthusiasts to engage and participate is why I do what I do.