Freelance Sommelier

Do you need help at specific moments to guarantee a phenomenal wine experience for your target audience? As a company, wine trader, store, event organizer, caterer,…

Get your wine ambassador

Do you have an event, special party? Grab your chance. Your event deserves success.

Make use of more than 20 years of experience, the wine ambassador can be seen as a trustworthy advisor or as a helpful guide.”

What can you expect?

The enthusiastic wine ambassador helps you prepare your event, gives you advice on your wine selection (food pairing) and can help you calculate the volume you will need.

What does a Freelance Sommelier do?

Of course, I offer my services in consultation with the organizer. You can use my services during the event for:

  • Expert information to your customers about the wine (regions, grape qualities, food pairing, …)
  • Enthuse and advise your clients
  • Offer exclusive discoveries to your clients
  • Help structure the sales of your event
  • Practical assistance
  • At request: other tasks

Because, in the end it is a win-win for everyone: professional help guaranteed at your event and the Wine-ambassador builds his network and experience. Great!

Very nice to have Guy in the organization. Very hands-on, he brings in his knowhow and organizational talent and is able to engage the customers with his clear explanation and enthusiasm.


The wine ambassador puts his knowledge and knowhow to work for the greater good.
Get him!

Guy Monfort, wine ambassador

Knowledge and knowhow don’t fall out of the sky. I have a solid base of management, coaching and wine experience.

First off, I have years of professional experience interacting with people, bringing them to the next level has always been my mission. In teaching others, I teach myself.

I also have a Sommelier – Wine Trader degree, and that opens me up to new opportunities. So, on to the next step.

Your event deserves success. Get your wine ambassador!

But, what else can a wine ambassador do?

Because of our many years of experience I can also help with the following tasks:

  • Pimping wine menus. Wine menus of lots of restaurants are simply begging for an upgrade.
    I will help you build a creative wine menu with your customer in mind. I will surprise your clients at affordable prices.
  • Write Wine reviews to showcase your range to the targets audience.
  • Make information cards for wine dealers, stores, …

Contact me for more information or to make an appointment.